Having been an agro-based economy but post liberalisation, imports dominated the Indian trade scene in the form of heavy machinery and information technology products.
Building Materials

  1. All types of Wall Tiles.
  2. Ceramic Tiles
  3. Vitrified Tiles
  4. Marble
  5. Mosaics
  6. Wooden Flooring and
  7. Rustic Tiles Etc…..

Sanitary Ware:
  1. All types of W.C
  2. Wash Basin and
  3. Basin Cabinet

Bathroom Fitting:
  1. All types of Shower
  2. Shower Panel, Shower Tub, Shower Room, Zakusi
  3. Taps
  4. Towel Hanger, Towel Rack
  5. Soap Tray, Cloth Rack
  6. Drainages System
  7. Bathroom Cabinets Etc….

Hardware Fittings
  1. Doors, Windows, Door & Window Hinges, Handel, Latches, Lock
  2. Drawer Channel & other related hardware
  3. Window Knobs & other related hardware
  4. Window Panels & other related hardware and
  5. Eye View Etc….

  1. All types of Gas Stove.
  2. Chimney
  3. Kitchen Unit
  4. Dining Table with Chairs
  5. Sink and
  6. Modular Kitchen or as per your design & drawing (customize).

  1. All types of Door and Windows made of Aluminum, Block Board, Plywood, PVC, HDF, With Veneer finish or Powder Coated & Many more as changes day by day in technology
  2. Sofa Sets, Recliner Chairs or as per your requirements, design & drawing (customized also)
  3. T.V. Unit, Dressing Unit & Customized also
  4. Double/Single Bed & Customized also
  5. Center Table, Dressing Table, Corner Table etc also customized
  6. Wardrobe and all other type of Furniture as per your needs or Customized
  7. Hotel, Vila's, Home & Bungalows furniture as per your need & customized
  8. Office, Education and Medical Institute, Fashion Institute and any types of Institute furniture as per your need & customized
  9. Chairs for Office, Hotel, Home and many more as per your needs.

Light Fittings
  1. All types of LED Light, Ceiling Light, Wall Light etc
  2. Coloring Tube Lights, Tube Fitters
  3. Chandeliers and all other types of Light as per your need or as per your projects needs.

Safety Equipments
  1. All types of Security System
  2. Gloves
  3. Shoes
  4. Industrial Clothing's
  5. Helmets
  6. Tapes
  7. Eye Glass and
  8. Ear Clover

And related such Products as per your need

Luxury Items
  1. All types of Glass Sliding Door and Windows
  2. Glass Block
  3. Carpets
  4. Show Piece and
  5. Curtain.

All types of Hotels, Institutes, Medical Colleges Equipment and related accessories.
Many More Products can be Import from Worldwide as per your need.
Hotel Products

  1. Glass For entrance Gate & All Window (as per our size & specification)
  2. All Types of Sofa's (as per your size & specification)
  3. Reception Table (as per your size & specification)
  4. Reception Chair - Wall / Floor Clocks
  5. Center Table & Similar Other Table (as per your size & specification)
  6. All Types of Luggage Trolleys.
  7. Restaurant Furniture like Table, Chair, sofa, Entry Counter, Bar Counter, Bar Chair, Bar Wine Stand, Bar Glass Hanging Stand Etc…..
  8. Restaurant Accessories like Plates, Bowls, Spoons, Folk, Table Knife, Roti Baskets, Salt & Pepper Bottles, Serving Plates, Water Glass, Wine Glass, Beer Glass, Juice Glass, Water Jugs (Glass & Steel) Etc …..
  9. Restaurant Equipment like Table Cleaning Brushes, Plates Collecting Trolleys, Plate Cleaning Machines, Plate Heating Machines, Vegetable Cutting Equipment, Knifes, Microwave, Toaster, Gas Stove, Chimneys, Exhaust Fans, And Many More As per Your Consultant suggestion.
  10. All types of Kitchen Utensils.
  11. Photo Frame (as per our size)
  12. Sculptures (as per your requirement, size & Design)
  13. Artificial Flowers
  14. Flower Vase for Entrance, Waiting Area, Reception Area, Restaurant Table, Rooms, SPA Area.
  15. All Types Of Spa's Accessories & Equipments.
  16. All Types of Gymnasium Equipment..
  17. All Types of Swimming Poll Chair's, Artificial Grass, Umbrella's, Hanging Showers, Swimming Tubes Etc…..
  18. Carpet
  19. All Types Of Curtain (as per your size & specification)
  20. All Types Of Light Fixtures, LED Light, Spot Light, Chandeliers Etc.....
  21. All Types Of Hardware Like Door Hinges, Latch, Door Closer, Door Locks, Door Back Know Etc…..

Hotel Rooms
  1. Room Doors With Electronics Lock (as per our size, Design & specification)
  2. Room Carpet Or Wooden Flooring
  3. Wardrobe (as per your size, Design & specification)
  4. Luggage Rack & Shoe Rack
  5. Dressing Table With Mirror
  6. Study Table With Chair
  7. TV Table If Needed (as per your size, Design & specification)
  8. Coffee Table With Chair
  9. Sofa
  10. U PVC For Windows Or Aluminum Section For Window
  11. Window Slide (as per your size, Design & specification)
  12. Curtain (as per your size & specification)
  13. Single Bed, Queen Size Bed Or King Size Bed (as per our size, Design & specification)
  14. Side Table (as per your size, Design & specification)
  15. Mattress (as per your size, Design & specification)
  16. Pillow (as per your size, Design & specification)
  17. Bed Sheets (as per your size & specification)
  18. Comforter, Blanket
  19. Side Lamp
  20. Study Lamp
  21. Hair Dryer
  22. Safety Box (Safe)
  23. Mini Bar (Ice Box)
  24. Ashtray
  25. Electronics Kettle
  26. Shoe Cleaning
  27. Dustbin
  28. Hanger
  29. Iron
  30. Iron Stand
  31. Paintings
  32. Flower Vase
  33. Artificial Flower

  1. Bathroom Doors
  2. Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles
  3. Mirror
  4. Wash Basin With Platform
  5. Glass Mosiac
  6. Bathtub
  7. Shower Panel, Hand Shower Or Hanging Shower
  8. Exhaust Fan
  9. WC
  10. Tuffen Glass (as per your size, Design & specification)
  11. Glass Fixtures
  12. Intercom Phone Instrument
  13. Brass Hose For Hand Shower
  14. Wall Bracket
  15. Hand Shower
  16. Bath Towel Rack With Towel Bar
  17. Soap Dish
  18. Hook
  19. Glass Tumbler With Holder
  20. Lotion Dispenser
  21. Tissue Holder With Cover Without Cover
  22. Towel Ring
  23. Make Up Mirror Wall Mounted
  24. Cloth Line
  25. Angle Valve
  26. Hand Dryer
  27. Hair Dryer

Many More Products can be Import from Worldwide as per your need
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